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Georgia Statewide

Animal Shelter 



The Alliance uses data to identify priorities, drive our work and accurately share the condition of animal welfare in Georgia.

We do not use it to embarrass or shame organizations. 

Shelter specific data can be found on Best Friends' pet lifesaving dashboard

Data on this page includes 2019 dog and cat statistics from municipal shelters representing 99% of the population of Georgia. There are a few small counties who did not respond to our open records requests. Their data is estimated based on other counties of similar populations. 

Unless otherwise noted, this data has been collected by a series of open records requests facilitated by Best Friends Animal Society. 


Georgia shelters have made great strides in recent years but there were still around 29,000 dogs and cats to save in our shelters in 2019. 

Our current priority counties based on the number of dogs and cats that need to be saved are Richmond, Chatham, Lowndes, Houston, Walton and Carroll. These 6 counties account for over 30% of the animals we need to save in Georgia. 

Cats currently account for 69% of the animals who need to be saved in Georgia. We are placing a strong priority on expanding programming state wide that focuses on humane solutions for community cats and their offspring. 

*2007 not collected by GASA.

It is based on a 66% county response rate and does not include estimates for the counties who did not respond. 


Learn more about what The Alliance is doing to help dogs and cats in Georgia's municipal shelters.

View The Alliance Best Practices presentation from the 2018 Animal Law Source Conference

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